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Rural Hall Sign Company


Good signage can significantly represent how much your business can offer people. All aspects of your goals must be showcased on the very first thing your customers see in your business area.

Custom Building Sign & Awning Sign

Providing high quality, affordable, and attractive commercial signs and graphics, Immedia Print is the best Rural Hall sign company you have been looking for. We manufacture all signage right in our vicinity, so we guarantee no damages due to delivery and other third party causes. We are now even more proud to produce your premium quality signage with our environmentally-friendly technology.

Immedia Print addresses your needs by accomplishing a sign that strongly builds your brand and promotes the products and services you offer in a professional and catching way. Our striking cohesive branded signage will mark the heart of your potential clients, making them repeatedly come to you. From outdoor signs to wayfinding signs, trust that our products will give all the necessary information that your customer needs.

Make a great first impression and consistently satisfy your customers with clear, attractive, informative, and functional signage. Talk to our signage experts, and we’ll deliver quality signage that meets all your goals in no time.

Call Immedia Print today at (336) 444-6682 for your Free Consultation!

Signs That Work For You

Outdoor Wayfinding Nursery Signage

All business owners want to increase their sales and provide a customer experience that generates patrons throughout the years. One functional tool that can help you achieve this is a great collection of signage.

Eye-catching outdoor signs, visible wayfinding signage, and other indoor signs that elevate your facility’s aesthetics while still promoting your products and services—these are essential in a well-run business.

A trusted Rural Hall sign company, Immedia Print will do our utmost best to understand your exceptional business goals and provide tangible signage that functions in the exact way you want it to. We recognize deep wants and needs to heighten your service in attracting passers-by, guiding your customers around your space, and making them come back every other time.

Immedia Print is wholly armed with proper equipment and tools in making enticing vinyl signs to astonishing promotional flag signs, a-frames, lawn signs, posters, canopies, and a lot more!

The Right Signage For Your Business

custom window vinyl wrap

We understand the uniqueness of your business. With your distinct custom branding, extraordinary products, and special services that you offer, you are completely exceptional. These elements of a business are what customers are looking for. So get those characteristics known and make them find you.

Immedia Print produces custom commercial signage that effectively signifies your business qualities and objectives. Whether you own or manage a small merchandising shop, restaurant, service facility, commercial building, a non-profit organization, school, or a government establishment, we warrant top-quality signage that can withstand all weather conditions, heavy foot traffic, and even the test of time!

We are a professional service provider ourselves, so we understand the desire to have sophisticated and elegant business signs and graphics which will not stand boring and useless in one corner. We make sure that your signs will be noticed and remembered, along with your company and business information.

Rest assured, you will never regret the quality and services Immedia Print has to offer!

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

Exterior Signage

We will get your business noticed by setting impactful outdoor signs and graphics. Immedia Print is known for providing eminent pole signs, remarkable monument signs, attention-grabbing yard signs, and appealing window displays that will increase your business visibility.

Your storefront must create an impact on your customers that can make them interested in and, later on, patronize your products and services. The information you provide must be of the right size, have attractive designs, and perfect for promotional purposes in your certain location.

Dimensional letters, channel letters, hanging signs, or canopies are good for your storefront. Window displays and door signs can provide information about the kind of service you offer, your business hours, and other relevant data. We can also allure your patrons through our highly praised flag signs, banners, and a-frame signs.

We put success right at your storefront, lawn, or other exterior areas by manufacturing the following impactful exterior signage:

Indoor & Interior Signs

Attractive Custom Lobby Signs

Develop employee efficiency, properly guide your customers, and welcome more of them through impressive and informative indoor signs. We want to set a level that your business will sit up high among others.

Upon giving our consultants the idea of how you want your signage to be fashioned, Immedia Print will then ensure that all your interior signage is durable and noteworthy. Your corporal layout, distinct business essentials, and legal requirements about your signage will be our guide in making the most appropriate signs for you.

Our top-tier promotional product displays, wayfinding signage, safety signs, and motivational murals will create a professional, promotional, and sustainable impact for your business goals. Immedia Print will cater to your needs by evaluating your establishments’ space and structure to determine your needs better.

We look forward to creating the following signs for your productive office:

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Custom Commercial Van Wrap

Apart from the common use of vehicles to move products and people, cars are perfect advertising tools to get your business noticed with little to no extra effort from you.

Immedia Print delivers comprehensive vehicle wrap services. For any vehicle type you have, traversing on land or water, we will handle the design until the installation of your required wraps. We provide protection to your car as well as give off a striking vibe that makes your car outstanding along a busy road or on a silent highway. You can discover numerous probable customers when your car does the job of spreading your promotional messages, contact information, company name, and logo for you.

Investing in vehicle wraps and graphics is a smart move, saving you time and money in the process. We offer the following vehicle wrap and graphic services with the help of our cutting-edge technology and dedicated staff:

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

indoor vinyl lobby mural

To have a more engaging element, vinyl signs, graphics, and banners are perfect for your business. In promoting your brand, adding attraction through your storefront, and supporting customers with your office routes, our vinyl signage experts can deliver the most durable and attractive display.

We are equipped to print the sign itself, starting with the design until the installation of your unique banners, graphics, and signs. Any type of promotional graphics you and your business require, Immedia Print is here to help you accomplish your goals and reinforce your brand even better!

We professionally create and install your vinyl signs and graphics. Our eyes in designs are suited for all type of vinyl services such as, but not limited to, the following:

Custom Signs

custom dimensional lettering

Reflect the uniqueness of your brand through the signage in front and around your workspace. At Immedia Print, we want to give the right commercial sign that will complement your location, business personality, and the service you are willing to offer.

From the simplest design to the most extravagant one, we will apply the spirit of professionalism and creativity in all your signage. We understand that creating a commercial sign that attracts people and represents your business qualities is just as important as serving your customers with the proper services they want from you.

Immedia Print runs front in providing custom signs to business enthusiasts who need them. We want you to tower upon your competitors through durable and enchanting signs that are properly installed on your establishment.

Complete Commercial Signage Company

Immedia Print is a Rural Hall sign company that’s proudly one of the few companies capable of providing complete signage services. Every step of your signage process is guaranteed to be done seamlessly by our expert signage designers, manufacturers, and installers. You don’t have to go to various shops anymore just to get your different signage needs. We will even repair and maintain your existing signage.

Full-Service Sign Company

With us, you can also be assured that we will work around your signage budget. Regardless of the amount you have to spare, trust that we will work out a plan to give you the best signage that’s not just attractive but also undeniably durable.

Custom Lobby Signs

At the beginning of our process, our consultants are the ones you first get to talk with. They will listen to and understand every business goal you have. They will give professional advice on how your sign should be made and designed. Trust that our experience in the field allows us to give accurate advice on what sign type, material, and placement will benefit your business best.

We will also discuss your allotted space and deadlines for the project, for we value that you want to avoid any business inconveniences. With our consultants and design team’s collaboration, we can provide a partial representation of your design. You can recommend or request changes.

Immedia Print also produces products that will safeguard your business needs while considering its impact on the environment. This is why we emphasize the utilization of sustainable machines and environmental-friendly materials to reduce waste and conserve energy without sacrificing our signs’ quality. All elements are guaranteed to be expertly installed based on your approved design.

If you are not new in the industry, we expect that you already have existing signage at hand. Whether you want it removed, replaced, or redesigned, we can do all tasks for you. Immedia Print will ensure superb maintenance on the letterings that might be starting to fade. We will replace destroyed signage with the same business purpose or even improve its impact on your patrons.

We do an all-around-job you won’t regret investing in. Immedia Print is a leading Rural Hall, NC sign company that can produce many signs for all business needs you may have. We are ready to accommodate your every question, hear all your business goals, and build the best sign to help you achieve them.

Our Commitment To You

Rural Hall Sign Company immedia logoImmedia Print wants you to retain and attract more clients with just a single glance.

Our promise to satisfy your every desire to have signage as a business tool will never disappoint you.

Our expertise in design, fabrication, installation, maintenance of your signage will put your business on a pedestal.

We value the trust you will give us, and we will repay it with long-lasting signs that will help you generate more sales for the years to come.

Call Immedia Print today at (336) 444-6682 for your Free Consultation!