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Tobaccoville Screen Printing
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Tobaccoville Screen Printing

Clothing and office supplies can be used if you want an easy, cost-effective way of marketing your brand. You can put your name, logo, and even your slogan into them through screen printing, a method that gives you a smudge-free print on any of your chosen material.

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Immedia Print is one of the most highly regarded print companies when it comes to Tobaccoville screen printing. Our services have satisfied various businesses with attractive products whose vibrant prints last for a long time. From your employee uniforms to promotional mugs, we can provide quick and accurate screen printing anytime you want.

With Immedia Print, you’ll be working with a team that handles the entire printing project, from the design to the finishing. We use no less than top-tier printing equipment and high-quality substrates with the promise of a fast turnaround.

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Types of Screen Printing Applications

Tobaccoville Screen Printing Promotional Products client 300x236Screen printing allows you to put your brand on different kinds of merch. From the common shirts to the more tricky electronics, all sorts of substrates can be screen printed by Immedia Print. We work in an efficient, professional way that produces results most appropriate to your brand, budget, and marketing goals.

The following are some of the types of screen printing applications:

Screen printing is commonly done on textiles. Although this is mostly done to provide employee uniforms, textile printing is also utilized for promotional items production. Immedia Print can screen print on every type of fabric using high-quality emulsion applications, giving you a durable, visible print.

Glass and ceramics are also widely used in screen printing by companies that want attractive promotional items. No matter who your target market is, there are glass and ceramic products that you can use for a successful marketing campaign. Plates, mugs, and bottles for liquor, perfumes, and cosmetics are just some examples of products on which you can easily screen print.

Whether for marketing or employee giveaways, electronics are now a popular type of souvenir for lots of businesses. People use them more often, so if you print them with your brand, you will be remembered better and subconsciously make your brand the first thing they remember whenever they need your products or services. Regardless of the type of electronic you choose, Immedia Print has industrial-grade equipment to perform screen printing without damaging your items.

Different types of graphics like posters, display stands, and other promotional materials can also be done through screen printing. It won’t be a problem producing them in large batches since screen printing is a relatively straightforward process once the designs are prepared. More importantly, our team works in the most convenient way possible, whether you want a 3D object or otherwise as a substrate.

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Immedia Print provides every printing product and service imaginable. Whether for personal or business purposes, our team can efficiently handle your printing project from beginning till the end. One of our most popular services is screen printing, a method that allows us to provide printed materials with vibrant colors meant to last for a long time.

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Screen printing is preferred by most people since it can be done on practically every substrate they need to be printed. Whether for textiles, glass, wood, or even electronics, our Tobaccoville screen printing is proven to be an effective and worthy marketing investment.

Aside from screen printing, Immedia Print offers other printing services as well. We also perform digital printing, large format printing, promotional items printing, binding, copying, and direct mailing.

So whenever you need some reports printed and bound, or you have an on-demand order of brochures or business cards, trust Immedia Print to handle all your business printing needs!

Let’s Talk More – Free Consultation

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Want to print your brand in the most vibrant, durable way possible? Our Tobaccoville, NC screen printing service can certainly meet your expectations!

With high-quality printing equipment and skilled professionals, we guarantee attractive printables delivered at a fast turnaround. We will even help you choose the best substrate which you can print on and conceptualize the design that will best represent your brand.

Call Immedia Print at (336) 444-6682 for your Free Consultation with a Tobaccoville Screen Printing expert!